Radio Science

Radar cross section of an open-ended circular waveguide: Calculation of second-order diffraction terms


  • C. S. Lee,

  • S. W. Lee


The radar cross section of an open-ended, semi-infinite circular waveguide is calculated by the geometrical theory of diffraction and the equivalent-current (EC) method. We include both single- and double-diffraction terms. It is found that the double-diffraction term is stronger than the singlediffraction term for the horizontal polarization at wide-angle incidence. Its inclusion is necessary in order to check with experimental data and the asymptotic expansion of the exact Wiener-Hopf solution. The EC method is used for the single diffraction. On the other hand the double-diffraction term is obtained by using the EC method for axial incidence and geometrical theory of diffraction for wideangle incidence. These two solutions are matched with a proper matching function. This technique is computationally more efficient than the matching technique of integration over the equivalent currents.