Scattering of a Hermite-Gaussian beam mode by a ferrite-coated conducting cylinder


  • M. Yokota,

  • T. Takenaka,

  • O. Fukumitsu


The scattering of a beam mode by a circular conducting cylinder coated with an axially magnetized ferrite is considered. A complex-source-point method introduced by Deschamps and developed by Felsen and his collaborators is used. Numerical results are presented for the scattering patterns of a lowest-order mode by a conducting circular cylinder covered with an unmagnetized ferrite. The effects of the spot size and the location of the waist of the beam on the scattered field are discussed. A comparison between the scattering of a beam mode and that of a plane wave is presented. The scattering patterns for a magnetized ferrite-coated conducting cylinder are also calculated and compared with those for an unmagnetized ferrite coating. Finally we calculate the scattering patterns in the resonance region of a magnetized ferrite.