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Radio Science

The frequency management system of the Jindalee over-the-horizon backscatter HF radar


  • G. F. Earl,

  • B. D. Ward


Real-time frequency management is a vital element in the effective operation of an over-the-horizon backscatter (OTH-B) HF radar. In the case of the Australian project Jindalee OTH-B HF radar, a comprehensive frequency management system has been developed for this purpose. The frequency management system includes subsystems for ionospheric backscatter, vertical and oblique incidence sounding, HF spectral surveillance, and incorporates a low powered backscatter radar. The system is capable of providing real-time frequency management advice to the main radar, and of acquiring synoptic data for off-line analysis. In this paper we describe the hardware architecture and signal processing schemes, together with sample data, for each of the subsystems. We then describe the manipulation of the environmental data in order to provide frequency management advice to the main radar.

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