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Propagation of surface waves on a thin resistive sheet or a coated substrate


  • Jack H. Richmond


This paper considers the surface waves which can propagate on a thin homogeneous dielectric slab of infinite extent, with thickness d, permittivity ε1, and conductivity σ when the ambient medium is free space. Contour plots are included to present numerical data on the surface wave parameters (attenuation constant and phase velocity) over a range of thickness d and surface resistance Rs where Rs = 1/(σd). Data are given for surface waves having parallel polarization, as well as those having perpendicular polarization. The thin resistive sheet is also available as a coating on one surface of a low-loss dielectric substrate. Numerical data are presented for this structure as well, and it is found that the surface wave properties are similar on the two forms with one exception. The zero-order surface waves propagate on the homogeneous resistive sheet even when the frequency, the thickness, or the surface resistance is reduced without limit. On the coated substrate, however, the zero-order surface wave with perpendicular polarization cuts off and disappears when Rs is reduced to a certain small value. As it is reduced still further, the zero-order mode is replaced with a succession of higher-order modes.

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