Systematic behavior of signal statistics of MST radar echoes from clear air and their interpretation


  • Fu-Shong Kuo,

  • Chih-Chen Chen,

  • Shu-Ing Liu,

  • Jurgen Röttger,

  • Chao-Han Liu


Signal statistics of data from the SOUSY-VHF radar were analyzed. Mean, variance, skewness and kurtosis of the distribution of the quadrature components of the signals as well as Nakagami m coefficient of the amplitude distribution were calculated. We found a systematic behavior in the correlation between kurtosis and Nakagami coefficient, and we propose a stochastic model for its explanation. These stochastic effects on the signal are generated in the variable echoing process itself. Numerical simulation and analytical calculation of the model were carried out for comparison with the data, and the results are encouraging.