Developments in Arctic long‐wave propagation theory and experiments


  • F. J. Kelly,

  • A. J. Martin,

  • S. H. Knowles,

  • E. S. Byrd,

  • M. Andrews,

  • L. DeBlasio,

  • J. Siegel,

  • D. Clamons,

  • N. Sheeley,

  • M. Deebel,

  • T. Priddy,

  • L. Quinn,

  • F. J. Rhoads


During 1985 a flight expedition for signal and noise measurements of long‐wavelength radio waves was undertaken to the Arctic. Ground‐based measurements have been made in Greenland and Norway. The data suggest the revision of long‐wave coverage prediction programs to satisfy the special requirements of the Arctic. Polar cap absorption events and the structure of the Greenland ice cap must be taken into account.