Backscattering coefficients of a half-space anisotropic random medium by the multiple-scattering theory


  • Jay K. Lee,

  • Saba Mudaliar


This paper is intended to study the electromagnetic wave scattering from a half-space anisotropic random medium. The ladder-approximated Bethe-Salpeter equation in conjunction with the nonlinearly approximated Dyson equation is used to derive the modified radiative transfer (MRT) equations for wave propagation in the half-space random medium. The MRT equations are solved under a first-order approximation. Backscattering coefficients are calculated and are compared with those obtained using the Born approximation. The first important thing noticed is that the propagation constants in the Born results are changed to effective propagation constants. Secondly, there are some additional terms contributing to backscattering enhancement, which is an important direct result of the MRT theory. Several numerical results are illustrated to compare the MRT and the Born results.