A method of parameterizing VHF radar returns from the troposphere


  • Fu-Shong Kuo,

  • Hsiou-Yung Lue


By numerical analysis of the stochastic model of the signal statistics of the VHR radar returns, we have isolated an echo parameter, called the modified Rice parameter γ, from the unknown stochastic parameters and have obtained a simple method of deducing γ from the returned signals. In contrast to γ, which is a low-order moment, another echo parameter, the Nakagami m coefficient, which seems to involve fourth-order statistics, is shown to be much more sensitive to stochastic effects and is an inappropriate parameter for characterizing the radar echo production mechanism for real observations of the atmosphere where stochastic effects abound. Examples of echo parameter analysis of Sounding System (SOUSY) and Chung-Li VHF radar data are presented which demonstrate that the signal power is strongly related to the modified Rice parameter as expected.