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Radio Science

Power deposition and focusing in a lossy cylinder by a concentric phased array


  • Mikaya L. D. Lumori,

  • James R. Wait,

  • Thomas C. Cetas


We present an analysis of phased array applicators for heating of torso, limbs, and neck. A homogeneous cylindrical model is adopted for the calculations. Four-, eight-, and 16-horn apertures are considered. Focusing of power is demonstrated for an operation frequency of 915 MHz in a cylindrical phantom of radius 5.2 cm, with a conductivity of 1.28 S/m and a relative permittivity of 51. Experimental verification is shown for the case with four-horn applicators. We thus demonstrate that by controlling the relative phases and amplitudes of the aperture sources, it is possible to focus electromagnetic power at desired locations such as tumors.

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