Diffraction by a partially coated perfect electric conducting half plane


  • R. G. Rojas,

  • L. M. Chou


The high frequency diffraction (transverse electric case) by a partially dielectric-coated, perfect electric conducting (PEC) half plane is considered. The coating is of finite length and is the same on both sides of the half plane. The length of the two dielectric strips can be different; however, to simplify the analysis and without loss of generality, it is assumed to be the same. This problem requires the solution of two canonical problems which are solved via the Wiener-Hopf method. The coating is assumed to be thin, and it is modeled by a generalized impedance boundary condition of O(t), where t is the thickness of the coating on each face of the PEC half plane. The interactions between the edges of the coating, i.e., surface wave diffraction, doubly and triply diffracted fields, are also considered. These multiply diffracted fields, including two new terms, are obtained via an extended spectral ray method which is related to the spectral theory of diffraction. The backscattered and bistatic echo widths are computed with the solutions developed here and compared with an independent moment method solution. The agreement between the two solutions is very good.