Detection and characterization of geomagnetic pulsations using HF ionospheric heating


  • H. S. Lee,

  • A. J. Ferraro,

  • J. V. Olson


This paper describes the geomagnetic pulsations observed at the high-latitude ionosphere during the experiment dealing with the ionospheric generation of ELF/VLF electromagnetic waves. The experiments were conducted in June and October of 1987, and there was clear evidence of geomagnetic pulsations intermixed with the ELF/VLF signals generated. This was manifested in both the magnitude and phase data. This paper discusses the detectability of pulsations based on the ELF/VLF generation experimental technique and a method of characterizing the pulsation being observed. A simple simulation model is introduced to facilitate the interpretation of the data, and the procedure for characterizing the pulsation is described.