Details of steady-state flow in regional groundwater basins can be investigated using digital computer solutions of appropriately designed mathematical models. The factors that must be considered are: (1) ratio of depth to lateral extent of the basin; (2) Watertable configuration; and (3) stratigraphy and resulting subsurface variations in permeability. The results of this study provide a theoretical basis for the following properties of regional flow systems: (1) groundwater discharge will tend to be concentrated in major valleys; (2) recharge areas are invariably larger than discharge areas; (3) in hummocky terrain, numerous sub-basins are superposed on the regional system; (4) buried aquifers tend to concentrate flow toward the principal discharge area, have a limiting effect on sub-basins, and need not outcrop to produce artesian flow conditions; (5), stratigraphic discontinuities can lead to distributions of recharge and discharge areas that are difficult to anticipate and that are largely independent of the water-table configuration. (Key words: Groundwater; computers, digital; drainage basin characteristics)