Application of the Digital Computer for Aquifer Evaluation


  • George F. Pinder,

  • J. D. Bredehoeft


The unsteady-state flow of a fluid in a confined aquifer can be approximated by linear, parabolic, partial-differential equations. A digital-computer program was written to solve these equations based upon an implicit finite-difference technique. Calculated values compared favorably with analytical solutions for homogeneous, isotropic aquifers of simple geometry. An analysis of an aquifer at Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, was made using this technique. Aquifer parameters in the digital model were modified until the results computed fitted the pump-test data. The results indicate that this aquifer would come to equilibrium in about 100 days and would easily provide an adequate supply of water for the village of Musquodoboit Harbour. As a check of the digital model for this problem an electric analog of this aquifer was also constructed; the two solutions obtained compared favorably.