Pocket 4 in the HLA-DRB1 antigen-binding groove: an association with atopy


Dra. María-José Torres-Galván
Unidad de Investigación
Hospital de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín
35012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Background: Many studies have attempted to identify an association between HLA genes and atopy, given the role of HLA molecules in the regulation of the immune response. In the case of house-dust mites, it is difficult to find an association with a particular HLA allele, due to the complexity of the allergen. The objective was to investigate whether HLA-DRB1 functional groups are better correlated with the atopic disease in our population than DRB1 alleles.

Methods: The method was reanalysis of the HLA-DRB1 data of a previous case/control study.

Results: The “Dr” group was found to be associated with the atopic disease in our population.

Conclusions: Grouping HLA-DRB1 alleles into functional categories may assist in the search for predictive factors in relation to atopic disease.