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Pru p 3 (LTP) content in peach extracts


Enrique Fernández-Caldas, PhD
Research Laboratories
Calle del Sol 5
28760 Tres Cantos


Background: Lipid transfer proteins are molecules widely distributed in fruits. Sensitization to LTP is frequent in fruit sensitive patients. The aims of this study were to purify LTP and to assess the content of LTP in ripe peach peel and pulp extracts by ELISA inhibition using polyclonal antibodies.

Methods: LTP was purified from ripe yellow peach peel by two different column chromatography methods. A polyclonal antibody was produced by injecting purified LTP into two New Zealand white rabbits. ELISA inhibition and rabbit monospecific polyclonal antibody were used to calculate the LTP content in Springcrest and Miraflores varieties of peach peel and pulp extracts. Purified LTP (2.5 mg/ml) was used to skin test 24 peach-sensitive patients.

Results: The purified LTP showed a single band at approximately 9 kDa. The polyclonal antibody raised anti LTP recognized only the LTP molecule in the peach extracts. LTP content, expressed in µg/mg of freeze-dried extract in four extracts were: yellow peach peel, 15.48; yellow peach pulp 2.25; red peach peel 14.67 and red peach pulp 1.84. Twenty patients (83.3%) had a positive skin test with purified LTP.

Conclusions: We have developed a system to determine the concentration of LTP in peach extracts. LTP in peel extracts is approximately seven times greater than in pulp.