Identification of a novel DRB1-allele (DRB1*0106) by sequence-based typing


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We report herein the identification of a new DRB1 allele using sequence-based typing. The new allele, DRB1*0106, was detected during routine HLA typing of a patient undergoing bone marrow transplantation. DRB1*0106 is identical to DRB1*0101 except for two codons, 71 (AGG→GCG) and 86 (GGT→GTG), changing the encoded arginine to alanine and glycine to valine. Both sequences were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP). The polymorphism at codon 71 has not been, until now, identified in DRB1*01 alleles, although it is present in all the DRB1*15 alleles as well as DRB1*1309 and DRB1*1424.