• HLA-DQB1;
  • nucleotide sequencing;
  • sequence-based HLA typing;
  • HLA typing


Due to the expanding number of known HLA class II DQB1 alleles, high-resolution oligotyping is becoming ineffective, therefore a sequence-based typing (SBT) strategy was developed to provide rapid and definitive typing of HLA-DQB1. HLA-DQB1*02, *03, *04, *05, and *06 alleles were individually amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using exon 2 group-specific primers. Forward and reverse PCR primers were tailed with M13 universal and M13 reverse sequences, respectively. Subsequent bi-directional cycle-sequencing was carried out using Cy5.5-labeled M13 universal primer and Cy5.0-labeled M13 reverse primer. Automated sequencing was performed in 30 min using a Visible Genetics, Inc. (VGI) MicroGene ClipperTM Sequencer. Full concordance was observed between this SBT method and oligotyping among 151 individuals.