• KIR2DS4 deletion variant;
  • novel carboxyl end;
  • secreted KIR molecule

Abstract: A KIR2DS4 deletion variant allele, previously identified through KIR PCR-SSOP typing studies, was characterized, alongside a normal KIR2DS4 allele, by cDNA cloning and sequencing and its prevalence in the population determined using a deletion specific probe. The KIR2DS4 deletion variant was found in 72 of the 90 individuals screened and differed from the normal KIR2DS4 sequence by a single 22 bp deletion in exon 5. The deletion causes a frameshift predicting a truncated KIR2DS4 protein with a significantly altered D2 domain that would be secreted due to the loss of the transmembrane/cytoplasmic domains. Parallels with a recent study in the rhesus monkey highlighting access to the same open reading frame as the deletion variant, also predicting a soluble KIR molecule, are drawn.