Multicenter US study of hospital resource utilization associated with cytomegalovirus-related readmission of renal and heart transplant patients


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Incidence of cytomegalovirus (CMV)-related rehospitalization and associated resource use were captured by the Transplant Infection Cost Analysis (TICA) program, which examined patient records and hospital billing data in multiple solid organ transplant centers in the US. The experiences of two adult heart and three adult renal transplant centers were each pooled for analysis. Financial data were standardized to 1998 US dollars using the Medical Care component of the US Consumer Price Index. CMV-related readmissions among renal transplant patients averaged 10.5 days (range 1–56) with average charges of $22,598. Heart transplant patients readmitted for CMV incurred an average charge of $42,111 and average hospital stay of 10.9 days (range 2–95). CMV-related hospital resource use represented a significant portion of the average cost of the original transplant and associated length of stay.