• hepatic tuberculous abscess;
  • liver abscess;
  • ultrasonography;
  • computed tomography

Abstract: Cases of isolated tuberculous liver abscess are rare. The diagnosis is often delayed or missed because of nonspecific symptoms and the disease's rare occurrence. Less than 25 cases have been documented in the imaging literature to date. This report demonstrates the difficulty in correctly diagnosing local hepatic tuberculosis. We report the case of a 56-year-old male with hepatitis C-related liver cirrhosis and end-stage renal disease treated with hemodialysis, who developed intermittent fever and hepatomegaly with unusual multiple hyperechoic hepatic lesions on ultrasound. To our knowledge, this is only the second reported case of hyperechoic mass-like hepatic lesions on ultrasound and the only case without pulmonary involvement. A greater awareness of this rare clinical entity may prevent needless surgical interventions, because the prognosis of hepatic tuberculous abscess is good for the majority of patients if diagnosed early and prompt, effective treatment is administered.