• schizophrenia;
  • psychoeducation;
  • insight;
  • relapse;
  • suicidal ideation

Objective: To evaluate the impact on outcome of a simple educational intervention in schizophrenic patients at risk of relapse.

Method: At discharge, 114 schizophrenic patients with at least one previous episode were assigned randomly to a simple educational intervention which had no resource implications, or standard care.

Results: The intervention failed to improve outcome. While insight and treatment attitudes improved, suicidal ideation increased. Systematic management of treatment-emergent adverse effects offered no benefits, although incapacitation from extrapyramidal side-effects at discharge predicted relapse.

Conclusion: There are limits to which psychoeducational interventions can be simplified without loss of effectiveness in terms of relapse prevention in schizophrenia. Enhanced insight may be associated with increased suicidal ideation.