• schizophrenia;
  • quality of life;
  • satisfaction

Objective: We aimed to explore the relationship between objectively rated quality of life and subjective measures of social functioning and life satisfaction.

Method: Participants of the Schizophrenia Care and Assessment Program (SCAP) study at Dandenong in Australia were included in this analysis. Subjective ratings of several domains of social functioning and life satisfaction were taken from the SCAP instrument and comparisons made with data from the Quality of Life scale rated by research staff as well as several psychopathology measures.

Results: Subjectively reported life satisfaction was not related to positive or negative symptoms of schizophrenia but did correlate with depressive symptoms. Quality of Life scale measures correlated with negative symptoms on most domains. There was very limited overlap in domain items between the life satisfaction and quality of life measures.

Conclusion: Life satisfaction and objectively rated quality of life are not closely related and appear to have different determinants in patients with schizophrenia.