Priapism of the Glans and Corpus Spongiosum

Report of two cases with angiography


A. Kolbenstvedt, Department of Radiology, Rikshospitalet HF, NO-0027 Oslo, Norway.
FAX +47 23 07 17 81.


Priapism, whether of the arterial or veno-occlusive type, mainly affects the cavernous bodies, leaving the low-pressure system in glans and corpus spongiosum soft without urethral compression. In the present 2 case reports, the pathologically increased pressure primarily affected the corpus spongiosum. One had arterial priapism following penile revascularization and the other veno-occlusive priapism due to thrombosis of the internal pelvic veins. Both had ulcerations of the glans and urinary retention requiring suprapubic catheterization. Arteriography revealed the disease mechanism in both, and led to embolization in 1.