• breadth of the cartilage;
  • mandibular condyle;
  • orchiectomy;
  • ovariectomy;
  • trabecular bone volume

It is well known that the size of the condyle is different between males and females in humans. It has also been documented that ovariectomy (OVX) and orchiectomy (ORX) influence the remodeling of the condylar head in experimental animals. However, influences of sex hormones on the condyle in terms of its breadth have not been examined. With these considerations, this study was designed to examine the breadth of the mandibular condyle in OVX and ORX mice by histomorphometry 8 weeks after surgery. In the OVX mice, the condylar breadth was significantly larger than in the controls, while no significant differences in the breadth were found between the ORX mice and the controls. The thickness of the condylar cartilage layers exhibited similar findings to the breadth of the condyle. On the contrary, the trabecular bone volume was significantly smaller in the OVX and ORX mice than in the corresponding controls, and the difference was more substantial in female mice than in the males. These findings emphasize that a reduction of sex hormone levels, induced by OVX and ORX, significantly influences condylar morphogenesis.