• desmoglein;
  • cadherin;
  • desmosome;
  • striate keratoderma;
  • mutation

Abstract:  Striate keratodermas (PPKS) (OMIM 148700) are a rare group of autosomal dominant genodermatoses characterized by palmoplantar keratoderma typified by streaking hyperkeratosis along each finger and extending onto the palm of the hand. We report a four-generation kindred originating from Iran-Syria in which three members were affected with PPKS. Clinically, these patients present with hyperkeratotic palms and plantar plaques. Direct DNA sequencing analysis revealed a heterozygous C-to-A transversion at nt 395 of the DSG1 gene. This mutation converted a serine residue (TCA) in exon 5 to a nonsense mutation (TAA) designated S132X. The mutation identified in this study is a novel mutation in the DSG1 gene and extends the body of evidence implicating the desmoglein gene family in the pathogenesis of human skin disorders.