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Clinico-pathological aspects of a residual natal tooth: a case report


Takashi Ooshima
Department of Pedodontics, Osaka University Faculty of Dentistry, 1–8, Yamada-oka, Suita, Osaka 565–0871, Japan


A Japanese girl was referred to Osaka University Dental Hospital for examination of a tooth-like structure that had erupted following spontaneous exfoliation of a natal tooth in the lower left primary central incisor region. The structure had erupted at 6 months of age, and radiographic and clinical examination showed composition of pulp and dentin, but no enamel. On histological examination, the majority of the dentin area had a tubular dentin-like appearance, while the outer area of the root appeared to be composed of an osteodentin-like substance. Most of the dentin was covered by cementum. These findings suggest that the structure had originated from a developing remnant of the extracted natal tooth, which must have remained in the gingival tissues. We termed this calcified structure a residual natal tooth.