American Society of Transplantation & American Society of Transplant Surgeons


Dear ASTS and AST members:

The American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Society of Transplantation take great pride in the recent announcement that the American Journal of Transplantation has been accepted by The National Library of Medicine for indexing in both Index Medicus and MEDLINE. Although this process will eventually include all back issues, it is to start immediately for all issues in the year 2002.

We jointly wish to congratulate the Editor-in-Chief, Dr Philip Halloran, and the editorial board of AJT, as well as our publisher, Blackwell Munksgaard, for achieving this distinguished honor in a very short period of time. This accomplishment reflects all of their efforts to make our journal successful, for which we are most appreciative. Moreover, we are also greatly indebted to all of the authors who have demonstrated their faith in AJT by submitting high quality manuscripts for editorial review.

In order for the American Journal of Transplantation to continue its growth and to be prosperous, it is essential that our members as well as all transplant professionals continue to support it. To this end, we urge you to give strong consideration to submitting your best clinical and basic science transplant research to AJT for publication. The American Journal of Transplantation and our annual meeting, the American Transplant Congress, are joint ventures for which our two societies can be justly proud.

The AST and ASTS thank you very much.