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Human Cloning: Arguments Against

  1. Leon Eisenberg

Published Online: 15 JUL 2006

DOI: 10.1038/npg.els.0005225



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Eisenberg, L. 2006. Human Cloning: Arguments Against. eLS. .

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  1. Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. Published Online: 15 JUL 2006


The current debate about the ethics of cloning human beings rests on the premise that, as an adult, the clone would be identical to its progenitor. The significant role of gene–environment interactions in the production of the phenotype makes this proposition entirely untenable.


  • genetic diversity;
  • epigenesis;
  • needful falsehoods;
  • Plato's Republic;
  • maternal behavior;
  • plant cuttings;
  • mitochondrial genes;
  • axonal competition;
  • nongenomic intergenerational transfer;
  • lying for the state;
  • maternal behavior;
  • preformationism