Gly40Ser Polymorphism of the Glucagon Receptor Gene Is Associated with Central Adiposity in Men


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Objective: To study the association between the Gly40Ser polymorphism of the glucagon receptor gene (GCG-R) and central adiposity.

Research Methods and Procedures: Data from 985 working men (The Olivetti Heart Study) examined in 1994 were used in a cross-sectional design. A complete anthropometry was performed; body mass index and waist circumference were taken as measures of total and central adiposity, respectively. The GCG-R Gly40Ser polymorphism was characterized. Biochemical variables linked to energy metabolism were measured.

Results: The GCG-R Gly40Ser variant was present in 37 individuals only in heterozygous form and was significantly associated with anthropometric indices of central adiposity, accounting for age and body mass (odds ratio for waist circumference > 94 cm; 95% confidence interval: 3.14, 1.26 to 7.81), whereas no difference between the two groups was found with regard to biochemical indices of insulin resistance or plasma leptin levels.

Discussion: The Gly40Ser polymorphism of the GCG-R gene is associated with central adiposity independently from total body mass in men.