We investigated the association between soluble lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1 (sLOX-1) levels and obesity in older women. Fifty-one postmenopausal women (10 lean, 22 overweight, and 19 obese) were included in this small retrospective analysis. Plasma sLOX-1 levels were measured using a chemiluminescent enzyme-linked immunoassay. Plasma levels of sLOX-1 were significantly higher in obese women (55.33 ± 4.49 pg/ml) compared to lean (30.91 ± 6.19 pg/ml, P = 0.002) and overweight women (38.31 ± 4.18 pg/ml, P = 0.017). Plasma sLOX-1 levels were positively associated with body weight, BMI, total body fat, and trunk fat. The relationship between sLOX-1 and BMI was attenuated after adjustment for age, hormone replacement therapy, and body fat. In conclusion, obese women have higher sLOX-1 levels, which may reflect increased LOX-1 expression in adipose tissue.