Accuracy of Self-reported Weight and Height in Binge Eating Disorder: Misreport Is Not Related to Psychological Factors



This study examined the degree of misreport in weight, height, and BMI among overweight adults (n = 392) with binge eating disorder (BED) and tested whether the degree of misreport was associated with eating disorder psychopathology and psychological variables. Male (n = 97) and female (n = 295) participants self-reported height and weight, and were subsequently measured by clinic staff. Participants also completed a series of diagnostic interviews and self-report assessments. Discrepancies between self-reported and measured values were modest. The degree of misreport for weight, height, and BMI was not related to eating disorder features, depression, and self-esteem. Overall, the errors in self-reported weight and height by overweight patients with BED were very slight. The degree of discrepancy between self-reported and measured values was not related to eating disorder or psychological features, suggesting that such data are not biased or systematically related to individual differences in overweight patients with BED.