Corrigendum: Increased Death of Adipose Cells, a Path to Release Cell-Free DNA Into Systemic Circulation of Obese Women

Maricela Haghiac, Neeta L. Vora, Subhabrata Basu, Kirby L. Johnson, Larraine Presley, Diana W. Bianchi and Sylvie Hauguel-de Mouzon

Obesity (2012); published online 26 July 2012. doi:10.1038oby.2012.138

After the above article was published online, the authors noticed that the units on the X-axis of the left graph in the lower panel of Figure 6 were incorrect. A corrected version of the graph appears below.

Figure 6.

Cell-free DNA concentration in plasma of pregnant women. (a) Upper panel: GAPDH was used as a marker of total cfDNA (maternal and placental-fetal origin) and DYS14 as a marker of placental-fetal cfDNA. (b) GAPDH gene expression in adipose tissue was measured by real-time RT-PCR. Black bars represent data from obese women and white bars from lean women. Lower panel: Total cell-free DNA is expressed as copies of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (GAPDH) in pg/ml plasma. Values are mean ± SEM after correction for blood volume as detailed in Methods and Procedures section. Filled circles represent data from obese women (n = 16) and open circles from lean women (n = 14).