The human synMuv-like protein LIN-9 is required for transcription of G2/M genes and for entry into mitosis



Regulated gene expression is critical for the proper timing of cell cycle transitions. Here we report that human LIN-9 has an important function in transcriptional regulation of G2/M genes. Depletion of LIN-9 by RNAi in human fibroblasts strongly impairs proliferation and delays progression from G2 to M. We identify a cluster of G2/M genes as direct targets of LIN-9. Activation of these genes is linked to an association between LIN-9 and B-MYB. Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays revealed binding of both LIN-9 and B-MYB to the promoters of G2/M regulated genes. Depletion of B-MYB recapitulated the biological outcome of LIN-9 knockdown, including impaired proliferation and reduced expression of G2/M genes. These data suggest a critical role for human LIN-9, together with B-MYB, in the activation of genes that are essential for progression into mitosis.