Targeting P2X7 receptor inhibits the metastasis of murine P388D1 lymphoid neoplasm cells to lymph nodes


Shuangyi Ren and Yi Zhang contributed equally to this work.

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The P2X7R (P2X7 receptor) is an ATP-gated cation channel expressed in normal cells that participates in both cell proliferation and apoptosis. Here, we have confirmed P2X7R expression on murine P388D1 lymphoid neoplasm cells. In addition, ATP-stimulated P2X7R expression was found to trigger increased intracellular calcium flux. Furthermore, silencing with short hairpin RNA and blocking with P2X7R antibody significantly reduced the metastasis of P388D1 cells to lymph nodes. These results indicate that inhibition of the expression and function of P2X7R attenuates the metastatic ability of murine lymphoid neoplasm cell line P388D1, which represents a new potential target for anti-metastatic therapy.