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Flow cytometric sorting and analysis of human epidermal stem cell candidates




ESC (epidermal stem cells) play a central role in the regeneration of human epidermis. These cells are also responsible for wound healing and neoplasm formation. Efficient isolation of ESC allows their use in medicine and pharmacy as well as in basic science. Cultured keratinocytes and ESC may be used as biological dressing in burn injuries, chronic wounds and hereditary disorders. Therefore, the isolation and characterization of ESC have been goals in biomedical science. Here, we present a flow cytometric method for the isolation and analysis of human ESC candidates. The strategy presented for the isolation of ESC combines previously proposed enzymatic digestion and FACS-sorting of the obtained cell suspension that utilizes morphological features, integrin-β1 expression and Rh123 (Rhodamine 123) accumulation of the cells. We also performed a flow cytometric analysis of sorted cells using a cell tracer.