• lentivirus;
  • pancreatic cancer;
  • TIEG1;
  • tumourigenicity


TIEG1 (TGF-β inducible early gene 1) plays a significant role in regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis in various cell types. Previous studies have shown a close relationship between the expression level of TIEG1 and various cancers, including breast, prostate, colorectal and pancreatic cancer. In this study, we up-regulated the gene expression of TIEG1 in SW1990 pancreatic cancer cell line by a lentivirus transfection system and investigated its potential as a therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer. The results showed that lentivirus-mediated overexpression of TIEG1 gene inhibited human pancreatic cancer SW1990 cell proliferation and caused the cell cycle arrest at the G1-phase in vitro. SW1990 cells transduced with lenti-TIEG1 showed significant inhibition of colony formation and cancer cell growth in 3-D culture model. Moreover, overexpression of TIEG1 gene significantly slowed the growth of SW1990 xenografts in nude mice. Taken together, these data provided evidence that overexpression of TIEG1 gene by a lentivirus transfection system led to suppressed human pancreatic cancer cell growth and might therefore be a feasible approach in the clinical management of pancreatic cancer.