Existence of memory in membrane channels: analysis of ion current through a voltage-dependent potassium single channel


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Ion current fluctuation of voltage-dependent potassium channel in LβT2 cells has been investigated by autocorrelation function and DFA (detrended fluctuation analysis) methods. The calculation of the autocorrelation function exponent and DFA exponent of the sample was based on the digital signals or the 0–1 series corresponding to closing and opening of channels after routine evolution, rather than the sequence of sojourn times. The persistent character of the correlation of the time series was evident from the slow decay of the autocorrelation function. DFA exponent α was significantly greater than 0.5. The main outcome has been the demonstration of the existence of memory in this ion channel. Thus, the ion channel current fluctuation provided information about the kinetics of the channel protein. The result suggests the correlation character of the ion channel protein non-linear kinetics indicates whether the channel is open or not.