Cutaneous larva migrans with folliculitis: report of seven cases and review of the literature


Eric Caumes. E-mail:


Seven patients (four men, three women, mean age 31 years), all returning from the tropics, presented with pruritic folliculitis and creeping eruption. The folliculitis consisted of 20–100 follicular papules and pustules confined to a particular area of the body, mainly the buttocks. The creeping eruption consisted of two to 10 serpiginous or linear burrows 1–5 cm long located either in the same area or in a different area from the folliculitis. Five patients were cured with one to three courses of ivermectin (one course in two cases, two courses in two cases and three courses in one case) and two patients were cured with a 3-day regimen of albendazole. Folliculitis should be added to the dermatological manifestations of cutaneous larva migrans. Treatment is more difficult than in classical forms of cutaneous larva migrans.