It has been my pleasure to work with an outstanding group of contributors in this issue of the Annual Research Review. In requesting these reviews we ask our authors to be selective, rather than comprehensive in their coverage as they identify the issues which they feel are particularly important for future research. In addition to my gratitude to the authors I also wish to thank the many referees whose comments further improved these papers.

In the first paper in this issue Vellutino, Scanlon, Fletcher, and Snowling provide a summary of research on reading disability. This review brings together emerging work from research and integrates it with both theory and clinical practice. In the next paper Barenbaum, Ruchkin, and Schwab-Stone provide a summary of what is known about the psychosocial aspects of children exposed to war; this is, unfortunately, a very timely paper. Gowers and Bryant-Waugh next review management of childhood eating disorders; their paper highlights both current knowledge and directions for the future.

Dale Hay and colleagues have undertaken a review of peer relations in childhood. This very thorough review summarizes current knowledge in this important area. Carter, Briggs-Gowan, and Ornstein-Davis discuss assessment of social emotional development and psychopathology in young children. This article complements an earlier review on infant psychiatry. In the final paper in this issue my colleagues and I review advances in autism and related disorders; we thank Jim Stevenson for serving as editor of this paper and hope that this selective summary highlights the needs for future research.

This is my final issue as editor of the Annual Research Review. I am indebted to the many authors who have contributed papers during my tenure as editor of the issue as well as to the many referees whose comments enriched the papers. It is also my pleasure to thank the outstanding editors of the Journal with which it has been my pleasure to work – Eric Taylor, Dorothy Bishop, David Skuse, Jim Stevenson (my predecessor), Frank Verhulst, and Francesca Happé. My deepest thanks as well to the staff in the Journal office whose help with production of the Annual Research Review has been invaluable – Carole Sutherland, and Mark Jenkins. It is my pleasure to turn the editorship over to Peter Jensen as editor; I now join the readership in looking forward to the next Annual Research Review.