Fig. S1 Distribution of 14C-AIB during growth of Phanerochaete velutina. The video spans 160 h at 4 h intervals following loading of the central inoculum with 44 nmoles 14C-AIB immediately after subculture. After approx. 24 h, the fungus begins to grow out from the agar plug. Continuous pulsing is apparent across the colony with a period of around 12 h. Images are shown at the original pixel spacing, the colony diameter is approx. 40 mm. Fig. S2 Rapid 14C-AIB movement in cords of Phanerochaete velutina. The video shows an animated sequence of 40 images, each integrated over 1 h, following addition of 44 nmoles of 14C-AIB to the central inoculum plug of a 20-d-old-colony. Rapid movement of 14C-AIB to the colony margin is apparent within the first few hours and is followed by a series of pulses. The colony continues to grow radially during the experiment. Images were subsampled by a factor of 2 in (x,y) to reduce download times. The colony diameter is approximately 90 mm.

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