Novel methodology and analytical approaches

This issue of New Phytologist contains three excellent contributions that deal with novel or improved methodology/analytical approaches, covering the classic areas of respiration measurement, chlorophyll determination and imaging. The ‘methodology’ component makes up a varying proportion of the papers, and such diversity is welcome. If you are interested in submitting a paper to the journal that deals with methodology, there are now guidelines in the new Instructions to Authors, in this issue (see pp. 195–197):

‘Methods papers should still typically focus, as with any other submission, on timely research that gives insights into broad principles of plant biology. However, the novel or improved methodology/analytical approach will form an important component, and description and proper evaluation will be a significant proportion of the paper. Especially novel methods-only papers, either evaluating a new method/analytical approach or examining existing practice, will also occasionally be accepted, where the contribution is of wide interest to plant scientists.’