Distribution of transcripts for the brain-specific GDP/GTP exchange factor collybistin in the developing mouse brain


Dr Matthias Kneussel, as above.
E-mail: kneussel@mpih-frankfurt.mpg.de


The dbl-like GDP/GTP exchange factor, collybistin, binds to the receptor anchoring protein gephyrin and activates the Rho-like GTPase Cdc42. Collybistin was found in two splice variants I and II, both of which share a tandem Dbl homology/pleckstrin homology (DH/PH) domain. In heterologous expression systems, collybistin II induces the formation of submembraneous gephyrin aggregates and therefore has been implicated in inhibitory synapse formation. Expression of collybistin is restricted to neuronal tissues and is predominantly found in brain. Here, we investigated the spatio-temporal distribution of collybistin transcripts in the embryonic mouse brain and compared it to gephyrin and glycine receptor mRNA patterns. Our data show that collybistin expression is upregulated when neurons become postmitotic and start to differentiate.