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Molecular cloning and dendritic localization of rat SH3P7


: Dr Tomoaki Shirao, as above.


SH3P7 was originally isolated by cloning SH3 domain ligand targets from a mouse embryo cDNA library. SH3P7 is an actin-binding protein implicated in antigen reception, JNK1 signalling, and Rac activation. It contains a drebrin homology sequence in its N-terminal region and a cortactin homology sequence (SH3 domain) in its C-terminal region. Both drebrin and cortactin are actin-binding proteins, and both have been suggested as possible regulators of the actin cytoskeleton in neurons. In the present study, we performed cDNA cloning of rat SH3P7, performed RT-PCR analysis, generated polyclonal antibodies against the recombinant rat SH3P7 protein, and examined the distribution of SH3P7 in the rat brain using immunohistochemistry. Sequence analysis revealed that there were at least four isoforms of the SH3P7 protein: SH3P7r1–SH3P7r4. RT-PCR analysis revealed that the predominant isoforms expressed in the brain were SH3P7r1 and SH3P7r3. The relative levels of isoform expression were similar among regions. Immunohistochemistry revealed that the most intense immunolabelling for SH3P7 was observed in the hippocampus and cerebellar cortex. Double-labelling studies with anti-SH3P7 antibody and other neuronal marker proteins revealed that SH3P7 was located primarily in dendrites, and in moderate amounts in cell bodies. Immunoreactivity was absent in the presynaptic terminals. In cultured astrocytes, SH3P7 was localized at protrusive structures of the cell periphery and in the cell body. We concluded that SH3P7 is ubiquitous in the rat brain, and occurs as several isoforms. Also, its dendritic localization suggests that SH3P7 is functionally linked to actin cytoskeleton organization in dendrites.