Receipt of information and women's attitudes towards ultrasound scanning during pregnancy




To audit women's receipt of information during routine antenatal ultrasound investigations; and to investigate women's perceptions of, and attitudes towards, routine screening.


Analysis of the records of 384 women from in and around Nottingham, UK, who maintained a diary throughout the course of their pregnancies.


The mean number of ultrasound scans received by each women during her pregnancy was 2.6, with more than 96% of women receiving at least one scan. Women initially scanned earlier received more scans in total. Women appeared aware of the specific reasons for each scan being undertaken, and only a minority were dissatisfied by the information they had received. The preponderance of information received during the scans related to results and arrangements for subsequent visits, with only 10% of women reporting receiving information about the procedure itself. Most women reported positive feelings towards scanning, and few gave indications that they would prefer changes in the conduct of the procedure.


The great majority of the women in our study were satisfied with their experiences of routine ultrasound scanning, accepting the procedure uncritically. Copyright © 2002 ISUOG