Appendix I List of all haplotypes found among the 580 individual gulls sequenced in this study. The full length sequence (430 nc) of haplotype 01 is available from EMBL nucleotide sequence data bank (accession no. AJ277127). Bold numbers show haplotypes used in the phylogenetic analysis (Fig. 3). The left part of the table shows the variable positions relative to haplotype 01 (position no. 1 corresponds to position no. 38 in the Calidris alpina sequence of Wenink et al. 1994, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 11, 22?31). The right part of the table shows the frequency of each haplotype per population (abbreviations see Table 1). Roman numerals in the rightmost column correspond to clades in the haplotype phylogeny (Fig. 3).

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