• donor site;
  • moist wound healing;
  • split skin graft;
  • systematic review

The aim of this systematic review was to determine the best available evidence related to the post-harvest management of split-thickness skin graft (STSG) donor sites. Studies included in the review were those involving patients of any age examining interventions relating to the post-harvest management of STSG donors and were intra-individual or randomized controlled trials. All studies were checked for methodological quality, and data were extracted using a data extraction tool. Many studies were combined in meta-analysis. The present report concerns studies examining moist and non-moist wound-healing dressings. Broad comparisons of moist wound-healing dressings against traditional non-moist dressings favoured moist wound-healing approaches in terms of healing rates, pain and infection. In comparing dressings within and between moist wound-healing dressing groups, the lack of studies of sufficient quality prevented determining a ‘best dressing’ for STSG donors. Moist wound-healing products have distinct clinical advantages over non-moist products in the management of STSG donors. There is a strong case for further head-to-head studies comparing products within the moist wound-healing group.