Laparoscopic excision of large ovarian cysts


  • Hesham A.F. Salem

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Objective: The aim of this study was to check the ability of operative laparoscopy to help in the management of large ovarian cysts that may reach above the level of the umbilicus.

Material and methods: Fifteen cases oflarge ovarian cysts reaching above the level of the umbilicus were chosen. Clinical and ultrasonic diagnosis denied any signs of malignancy. Pneumoperitoneum and a 5 mm trocar were inserted safely in the left midclavicular line below the ninth costal margin. This trocar allowed us to inspect the peritoneal cavity thoroughly. Another 5 mm trocar was inserted suprapubically in the contralateral side of the cyst and better inspection of the cyst and peritoneal cavity was then done. In the case of an apparently benign cyst, aspiration of the cyst fluid was done after puncturing its wall, then the cyst was removed as usual.

Results: In all of these cases, there was no laparoconversion and no other complications were recorded. Nine cases were mucinous and six were serous cystadenomas. The mean operation time was 53.66 ± 14.7 min.

Conclusion: Laparoscopic excision of large ovarian cysts is possible, and safe in suitable conditions, with immediate laparoconversion at hand at any time.