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Immunogenicity and safety of two schedules of Hepatitis B vaccination during pregnancy


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Aim:  To test the immunogenicity and safety of Hepatitis B (HB) vaccination during pregnancy and passive transfer of antibodies to the newborn.

Methods:  Ninety-nine HBsAg-negative pregnant women were divided randomly in two groups; group I was given two, and group II was given three doses of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine and followed up until 4 months after delivery.

Results:  The vaccination was safe. The maternal anti-HB antibody levels at delivery were significantly higher in three dose schedule as compared to two dose schedule. Similarly, the antibody levels in the newborns were higher in the three dose schedule. The maternal antibody levels were higher at 2 and 4 months post-delivery in group II but were observed to be declining in the newborns.

Conclusion:  Hepatitis B vaccination during pregnancy is safe and highly immunogenic, and there is passive transfer of antibodies to the newborns.