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Fungus gnats of the genera Anatella, Allodia and Cordyla in Japan (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)


  • Japanese fungus gnats of the tribe Exechiini (Mycetophilidae) (II).

Dr Mitsuhiro Sasakawa, 7-6-7 Korigaoka, Hirakata City, Osaka, 573-0084 Japan.


Six new mycetophilid species from three genera belonging to the tribe Exechiini are described: Anatella prominens on a fungus of the Polyporaceae, Allodia bipexa and Allodia conifera on fungi of the Russulaceae, Allodia quadrata on fungi of the Hygrophoraceae, Tricholomataceae, Rhodophyllaceae, Russulaceae and Fistulinaceae, Allodia laccariae on a fungus of the Tricholomataceae, and Cordyla bidenticulata on a fungus of the Boletaceae. Their characteristic male genitalia are illustrated. Cordyla flaviceps Staeger, Cordyla fusca Meigen and Cordyla pusilla Edwards are newly recorded from Japan.