• Bos indicus;
  • Bos taurus;
  • dwarf cattle;
  • low oxygen;
  • Lulu


Lulu is a dwarf cattle population bred in the Mustang district of western and central Nepal. This area is located around the habitat boundary between Bos taurus and Bos indicus. The peculiarities of Lulu are their small size (weight range in the adult female: 68–153 kg) and rearing in high mountain areas at 2800 m to 4000 m in altitude. There were 5770 head of Lulu cattle in the Mustang district in 1998, 4333 females and 1437 males. The morphological appearance of Lulu is Bos taurus. However, one of the five Lulu studied in Kagbeni, Mustang had a Bos indicus mitochondrial DNA type based on the D-loop sequence, while the other four were Bos taurus. It is suggested that there are hybrids of Lulu with Bos indicus maternal lineage in a mostly taurine-breed genetic background. Steps must be taken to preserve the unique Lulu.